Wednesday, October 11, 2017

What's going on? Looking forward to 2017 being over

Life has been busy!

My toddler and my baby boy keep me so busy

I can't believe my son is almost 4 months, where did the time fly to?

The good thing about October is that November is around the corner and Christmas not too far away

Excited about thanksgiving and Christmas !

Loving the cool fall breeze at this time of the year

Somebody say Hurray!

2017 has not been my favorite year, I am praying that 2018 will be better

I feel like I did not accomplish all my goals so far this's just wasn't my favorite year, but God willing 2018 will be a year of divine growth and hopefully all goals will be accomplished. AMEN!

There have been too many sad things happening in our society which makes one feel sad

Am talking about Hurricane Houston, Las Vegas killings, wild fires in California. It just seem one bad news after another

I can only pray for their families and HOPE for better days in our society

I worry for my kids future and even mine in this evil times

God you are the only one l can rely on

On a more positive note, I have been enjoying some new music by LOGIC

There is something about this dude that speaks the reality of today's times

Also, I am attending a wedding next month...yeah!

When life gets krazy, just PRAY

Remain blessed everyone,

Out of here!

This music comforts me when times are hard and life seems impossible. I don't know what you facing but never give up ever. We will make it to 2018. The lord is our strength, our peace and in him all goals and things are possible. AMEN!

Friday, October 6, 2017

Been busy!

I have been busy but this blog won't be forgotten,

Hopefully will get back to full blogging soon...

Remain blessed!

Stay safe everyone!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Team natural or team relaxed hair....I go with the one that is easier to maintain

The older one gets, one get bored or just don't care anymore for team natural or team relaxed. You just want hair that is easier to care for.

#Hair life

#Hair goals

#Team Natural

#Team Relaxed

#I just want easy to care for hair

I have been natural for two years now and let's just say it is difficult to maintain natural hair

So l got bored the other day and decided to relax my hair and let's just say. I am actually loving my hair relaxed

My natural hair is from my African roots and hard as rock. I have always had a hard hair texture and it is so difficult to comb

I often wear weaves under my natural hair, but the other day I said to's not like l enjoy my natural hair under my weaves. It's never out there like ...hey am wearing natural hair for the day or wearing natural hair to run errands. So I said, let me go back to permed hair since I now have some knowledge on how to care for it after doing some research. And if the worst happens with the relaxed hair, I will just cut it and start again. It's just hair and hair grows or shed. #no big deal, it's just hair.

I am so fed up with team natural or team relaxed. I just want my hair to be easier to maintain and be happy

Hair goals: To have a perfectly healthy hair, so I will only perm it twice a year or maybe every 17 weeks

I have been using different oils and conditioner on my relaxed hair/ still going to use only natural hair conditioner and shampoos

I just want healthy  and easier hair

..I just want easy hair # I don't care for teams but just be ME

Enjoy your weekend,

Out of here!


Taking time for oneself as a mum of two kids

...watching movie with my babies on a good

Being a mother is all about giving yourself to another and putting yourself last

As a mother to a newborn and a toddler, if I say there are days when l feel like  am not doing my best. I am motherhood, there are good days and there are stressful days. It's all a package. There is no perfect mother, everyone is learning in this game of motherhood. It's not easy some days and there are those days that it is so easy that you just want to hug and kiss your babies all day long.

My schedule is busy....The toddler needs her hair done, the baby wants his bottle milk, food is needed to be cooked, the laundry is not done, the home is not as clean as l love it to be... the hubby is asking for the office documents. Just a lot of things one mother has to do

At the end of the day, my favorite time of the day is bed time. After the kids take their night shower, I am so ready to sleep and not worry of anything at all

So the point of today's post is as a mother, one must take care of oneself to be able to care for others

Thankfully, my hubby is very understanding. he knows when I need to take a break from motherhood

Like suggest things for me to do...

Go get a pedicure

Are you still enjoying that novel you bought?

Go watch a movie with your girlfriends

Let me take you to dinner or a road trip or somewhere nice

....This weekend , I suggested to go to Wizkid concert as my way of relaxing from motherhood.  My hubby agreed to watch the babies. 

If a mother don't take time for herself, she would be one unhappy mother as a mother and to all mother, ensure you treat yourself sometimes to little things to be able to give your best to your babies

...At the end of the day, I am just one person and l can only be the best mother to my kids if mother is happy. For happy mother, is happy wife which means happy family.

Remain blessed everyone

Out of here!

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Life been very busy lately!

Life been busy!

A lot has happened this summer that l don't even know where to begin. From the birth of my son Jaden to my daughter turning 2 years old . my son was born and is a healthy 8 weeks baby already. How time flies. I have been so busy this summer with a toddler and a newborn and all the fun activities of summer with family and friends. I hardly have time for myself but I am loving everything. My babies are my joy and I won't trade them for anything. 

I hate that summer is going by so fast and August would be here next week. 

I went to see this movie last Friday with my girlfriend,  It was full of laughs the whole way. I look forward to buying this movie on DVD and watching it in the comfort of my home.

Life been busy but loving summer days and sunny days too.  Hopefully would be able to do a few blog post here and there this fall.

Remain blessed everyone

Out of here!